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How much allowance should i give my Wife?
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How much allowance should i give my Wife?

My wife and I got into a fight today about her allowance. I have been giving her $20 dollars per week as allowance but she seems to think thats too little! You know women these days, they want everything. They need expensive starbucks lattes, fancy clothes, big gas guzzling SUVs so they can feel safe, etc. We've come to the conclusion that $20 isn't enough and we need to increase it.

So what do you guys think? I'll tell you what i think. I think she should get $40 per week. I think thats a reasonable number given my salary of 75k/year. We need to save all we can for a house, retirement, and college costs for the kids we'll be having.


What!!?? I hope you are joking. She is your wife, not your child.

Nikki B
She shouldn't be on an allowance in the first place, she should have just as much access to your account, which should also belong to both of you. Controlling her and how much money she can have is just asking for future fights and shows how little you trust her. Any woman I know who's man even thought about putting them on an allowance would be out of that relationship in a heart beat. That shows a lack of respect and trust.

kathleen m
First of all, kids get allowance!!! If you had to pay your wife wages for all she does, you couldn't afford her. She should be able to ask you for anything she needs. Her spending money shouldn't be thought of as "allowance" but girly-girl money, apart from household expenses. This is money she should be able to use in order to get her hair or nails done or buy new clothes for herself or the kids. Don't be cheap with your wife!!! The more she feels loved and respected, the more lovin' you'll get!!! If that is all you can afford at this time, say to her, "Honey, here is the money for whatever you want this week--I wish it could be more, because you are worth so much more"!!! You'll get great responses!!!

If you truly love her, you both would share a joint bank account and share all the money. If she feels the money is hers also, she won't feel compelled to spend too much (I mean.. who wants to spend their own money?) and it brings more trust in the relationship.

Jen Hates Evil Empire Starbucks
It depends on a lot of factors. If you are making 75k a year, you could give her $300 or more a week. Why not? It just depends on your budget. If your budget only allows you to give her $40 a week then maybe you are overspending in other areas.

wow .. did u say allowance ? oh my god ... is this a marriage or a slavery ... i could see if she spends money on stupid things she dont need but come on ... suppose to be partners .. maybe talk to her about getting a part time job for extra cash ... u did say kids u will be having so no kids she has time for work... good luck to u both.. allowance geez I still cant believe a allowance

Flying Dragon
I'm a guy, but I'm on your wife's side on this; you're being kind of "cheap", consider the value of you wife's companionship, the work she does around the house for you etc! Since you don't have kids right now, there is no reason why your wife couldn't get her own job (it doesn't need to be anything really special, just some kind of work so she will have a chance to learn how hard it is to make money). She will then have her own money which she should be allowed to spend as she pleases! PS some guys just give the whole paycheck to the wife and let them handle the money matters; everybody has their own system.

I think she should not be satisfied with getting an "allowance" and go get a job. Then when she realizes what an *** someone is for giving their wife an allowance, she has money to leave.

If that isn't enough and it isn't . Let her make her own money! But she 's worth her weight in gold. Because she wear a lot of hats-Mother, wife, teacher, cook, laundress,housekeeper,chauffeur,nurse,Lo... nurturer and whatever else, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

Bethany I
I think your wife should give you a bill for all the things she does around the house, the shopping, groceries, etc.
This is suppose to be a team. You are not her father; you're her HUSBAND.
stop treating her like a child and get out of the dark ages. This is 2007, not 1807!

How can I help?
I think that she should get the amount that the judge will award her in divorce court for allimony and child support! You are a cheap assho*e and sound like a dink!!

Gee, what a prize you are. What a great deal your wife got when she married you. I'll bet you've got a really nice truck to drive.

You don't love her...you want to control her.

I'm glad she's putting up a fight. She deserves more.

What kind of a family did you grow up with?

Wow. Unbelievable. An allowance like she's a child! I'm offended and I feel sorry for the poor lass.


Well you may not have these children.with her anyway.There is nothing worse than having to ask a man for money ever time the girls ask you out for lunch,And,Twenty dollars will wipe you out for the week.You need to get out in the world and try to have any friends with twenty dollars to spend.A round of golf,tennis,bowling costs more than that. Does she work? Do all these things,clothes,gas,come out of that?$20 is nothing,Get real if its just spending money $50 is more like it. When you have these kids,it will cost a whole lot more.

I always joke about my allowance. My husband and I make very similar but, I have free control to spend what i want but i hardly ever go over $35-$40. Just matters on her spending habits. I can spend over a hundred one week but nothing for the next 2. Give her a little freedom for a few weeks and see how much she spends. Talk it over and figure it out than.

You gots to be kidding, mister!!!!!! That's all I have to say, my real answer is worth $20 bucks but I'm not telling because I think you are too cheap for that too.

no kids yet? she is home all day? Seriously? Tell her to go get a job at starbucks pulling coffe, what she earns is hers to keep, spend whatever and you just do the household stuff(which I'm guessing you already do?) Maybe she'll learn the value of a buck

tell her if she thinks $20 is so awful she can get off her butt and get a job

Is the allowance for her to spend solely on herself? Are all other necessities (gas, food, etc) paid for by another means? $60.00 per week for 52 weeks of the year is only $3,120........you would be paying much more in alimony/spousal support payments should she divorce you....something to think about. Why can't wife work and make her own money? Could she keep all of it and give you $20 a week?

enjoy life.you make enough that she should not say it is an allowance.when my husband retired 2003 he made 30000 yr before taxes.now we live on half that.money is not everything.don't be selfish.i sure could do alot with 75000.

Purple People Pleaser
You are really cheap! Hand over your pay cheque to her...she deserves to get your entire salary!

An allowance??? Boy does someone have control issues ...

instead of giving her money and say "here, spend this", let her have access to the whole JOINT amount and say "be responsible" ... if she isn't then don't let her have anything until she learns to be responsible with the finances ... you are the husband, not the daddy giving a little girl a couple of quarters a week ...

JFS (made of cute)

hey not all women are like that you know...
a lot of women work their butts off too, you know..
i get that your wife doesnt work...how come?
well here's what i think...
she should get off her ***, get a job, and help you save up for the future!
coz when you start having kids, it will be soooooo hard to keep a job and take care of the kids at the same time...
and, it wont be easy if you're the only one holding down a job..unless of course you get a 6-figure salary or somethin..
what i'm sayin is.... tell your wife to be responsible (in a loving way of course) and start thinkin of the future..coz marriage aint just one spouse's responsibility.
it's up for both of you to make your marriage work, not only in terms of money but in other aspects as well.
dont wait till at the end of your rope, dude...coz by then it'll be sooo hard to fix your problem and let go of all the resentments that you've ben keeping.

Cowgirl Up
Allowance? Are you serious?? I understand the need to save for the future and all that, that makes sense, but do people really give their wives an allowance in this day and age? And $40 a week? Wow, don't be sooooo generous there honey. Not sure where you're from, but where I'm from 75k/year is pretty good, so only $40/wk, no. Work out a budget, figure out how much you need to save to make your future dreams come true and focus on putting x amount of money away each week rather than how little you can give her.

Your question is pathetic and purely fabricated. Get a life.

Your wife needs to get a j-o-b and earn her own money and gain self- independence. Ha!

i think 40 a week is perfect. after all its 200$. wat does she want to spend it on thats so important?? if she wants more then tell her to get a job!

Mike T
Just give her the check hope you have some left. That always make's them happy. LOL

Your wife gets an allowance? I'm sorry to say but thats kind of gay. Or does she not work? If she doesn't work then I guess I can completely see that. I guess $40 is reasonable. But if she works then she should be able to spend her own money.

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