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Someone sitting in a car infront of my house everyday?
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Someone sitting in a car infront of my house everyday?

I just bought this house about 2 months ago and everyday there is the same car with the same person sitting in it in front of my house or my neighbors house. he is in his 20s im guessing. but through out the day i will see cars pull up next to him for a second and then leave. I try not to pay much attention. but its just starting to get annoying.
the one neighbor sometimes is sitting in the car with him.
they don't make any trouble or any noise but it just gets annoying every time i walk outside that car is there with someone in it.
I know they are selling!!!!!!!!!

I don't want to make any trouble by going to the cops
how do i know no one can find out if tell the cops.
I occasionally talk to the one neighbor that sits in the car with him and don't want any problems.


There is no good answer. You don't need the dealing going on in front of your house and you can't take the chance of being made as a narc if you turn them in. Unfortunately, now is not a good time to try and sell. Maybe you can casually mention to the neighbor that your brother-in-law is a cop in narcotics and he is planning to visit ? How about " I thought I might tell you that we're having some family over for a party and I hope we don't get too loud. If we do just tell us, because we don't want to bother. My brother in law was just promoted for making a huge drug bust and we are celebrating it."

It's a bluff, but maybe they will move over a couple of blocks. But I bet the stash is in the house and the store is the car for a buffer.

Good luck.

Pənny Proud
Mind your own business. You might be better off that way. If you want to say something, make plans to leave first, just in case they try to retaliate.

just ignore it.
you dont bother them they dont bother you.


Mr. Goodhi
There's nothing you can do about it.
They're legally parked on a public street.

cant live in fear do what you can to protect your self get a nice Shotgun for the home and keep calling the police why live in fear and turmoil.. screw what they are going to do to you what are you going to do back.. if they are selling and wheeling n dealing in front of your home what dis respect is that...nope wouldn't be me fella...

Call the police. Tell them what you see. No need to tell them who you are. And even if you do, they won't name you when they check on the guy.

Or you can just let them be and they can sell drugs in front of your house. Just remember your inaction when the gun play starts.

And it will..................

I worked as a Private Investigator conducting workers comp surveillances in my car in neighborhoods. I've sat in my car in the same neighborhood for weeks on end watching a single individual. I've had many people on many cases approach my vehicle and ask me what I was doing. I can't believe how stupid people can be (What if I were some psycho with a gun or weapon?). Just call the police. DON"T APPROACH THE VEHICLE!

the cops usually have a tip-line thats listed in the phone book. you should definitely call it. the situation may never get out of control ... but you don't need that sort of MESS right in front of your house.

Hire a large male friend to come by dressed like an undercover cop in a large Ford unmarked look-a-like car. Have him stare at their license plate and talk on a pretend radio. Tell him to stare at the thugs and drive away as if he has been called away. They should get scared and change locations. (Just an idea) or you could try something totally useless like calling a real cop!

Set up a video camera in front of your house on a tripod and let it film him continuously, he'll get the picture and move on.

You could be right. You can make an anonymous tip to the Police.

their maybe private investigars spying on you that your a not a criminal, drug dealer

Go to a pay phone and call the cops and ask if you can make an anonymous tip? then they can't trace your phone call....

the question here is, what are YOU smoking? Sounds like a major case of paranoia to me....

i say call the cops when he is by himself

~I DeFiNe SuCcEsS~
justa ask them to move...

just tell the cops that you don't want them to use your name,
they will respect your privacy.

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