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 Why don't the USA invadE IRAN? Surely NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the hands of MUSLIMS is a bad idea???/?

 Hiroshima ?
Ok so Hiroshima ended the war but was it justified ?
Additional Details
Oh by the way this is my opinion - I believe that at the time it may of seemed like the logical anser because most ...

 Why weren't the Brits involved in Vietnam.?

 Was Hitler perhaps the greatest leader of the 20'th century?
Some people are still a little upset over the whole hollocost misunderstanding but the man rallied his country, had a united people behind him and almost conqured Europe. This is no small feat....

 What does GI stand for in military terms?
Well I'm waiting?...

 OK..UK AND USA GO TO WAR WITH IRAN...would you sign up to fight if needed..?

Additional Details
just want to point out...i am not for war with IRAN.. just wanted to know how many people would sign up if needed,
i myself would not sign up, i even left my ...

 Do you think that any country can deafet the USA?
By the way to dumbos, we STILL are the most POWERFUL nation on the Earth....

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