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 Are the Marines a bunch of chumps? Why are they so easily turned into robots?

 This is for women only..........?
if your husband or boyfriend, would be sent to iraq for a year, could you be faithful to him for a year?...

 Why did the United States want Hawaii?

 My husband was recently deployed to Iraq, about a month ago, is there anything you would like me to tell him,?

 List US military units in order of toughness?

Additional Details
i'm talking about who do you think is toughest, and in what order:

e.g., Navy SEALs, SF Delta, USMC Force Recon, Army Rangers, USAF combat controllers,...

 Can we believe the Britons when they say their Royal Marines were in Iraqi waters?

 Is it strange that most people in the army seem to smoke and are still very fit?
I know all my mates who are in the army do. With all the talk of how smoking affects your fitness think that is strnge.

I'm 23, smoke, and am fit enough - not in the army though....

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