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 Why shouldn't you get an online degree for a paralegal? ?
I am a single mother of twin boys they are about to be four, so its a little hard on time and money. I really have no way to put them into a daycare while I go to school. So I was thinking about an ...

 Legal to print Andy Warhols art on t-s?
Is it legal to print Andy Warhol's art on t-s and sell? If not which kind of art can I print....

 Salary worker, boss works me alot of overtime with no compensation. Is that legal ??
They mentioned minimal overtime 50 per wk but im workin 60 to 70 a week with nothing in return.
Additional Details
is there a website i can go to to read more ?...

 Employment Verification?
*****After employment can you submit verification of your legal right to work in the U.S.?*****

How exactly do I prove it? SS card? Driver's license? What do employers want when ...

 I was on FMLA, and they let me go, company said they could no longer accommodate. Is this legal?
I was working for a HUGE health company in the Denver Metro area (Exempla Healthcare Business Services), when I became sick. The doctor put me on FMLA which consisted on missing only 1 day out of ...

 Law school personal statement & letters of recommendation????
I am a finance major with a 3.3gpa. I take the LSAT in september. Who would be the best people to get recommendation letters from to be competitive? I am really trying to get into a tier one law ...

 Retail Question: how to tackle rude behaviour of a colleague? ?
I recently have a colleague who has been promoted to management and as a result has changed alot in the respect that she has become very rude when asking you to do something, and very insulting and ...

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