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 Would the world be better off if United States of America was never around?

 How do you feel about Illegal immigrant students getting financial aid for college?
OLYMPIA Against advice, Luis Ortega and Manuel Garcia gave their full names to a committee of lawmakers when they testified Wednesday in favor of a bill that would make illegal immigrant students ...

 Is there something that could make you change your mind?
Is there something that could make you change your opinion on this immigration issue?
Additional Details
Yeah, I'm talking about illegal immigration....

 Would you prefer the undocumented immigrants coming from Germany or from Mexico?

 At what stage will you consider that Britain has no more room for immigrants?
I think we're full to bursting point already, but I'm seriously concerned that some Britons have been brainwashed into believing that there is plenty of room left for any foreigner who ...

 Do you hate foreigners coming to work in your counrty?

 In which states of USA the latinos outnumbered whites ?

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