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 Why is it anti-american for democrates to want troops to come home?
the republican party says that democrates are anti-american, just because they want troops to come home,but if you really think about it republicans are, seeing as they rather send out troops to die ...

 Will there ever be another draft for UK armed forces?
At some time in the next ten years or so?...

 Do you think that america has lost a lot of respect from other countries over the Iraq war?
I like america a lot, though i don't like our president. At the moment i live in NZ and almost everybody here thinks that the president is bad and that the Iraq war is completely pointless. A ...

 Have you ever been shot? Can you describe the pain?

Additional Details
No thanks Mike man. They wouldn't have me, I'm far too much of a coward....

 We have lost the war against terrorism........?
What do you think?? please watch the video before answering.
Additional Details
b: then what does it say? ... I ...

 If terrorists hijacked a plane and you were a passenger?
what would you do in a stiuation like that?...

 Is Russia a threat?

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