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 If i would date a non-Christian does that make me not Christian?
i don't have a problem with dating or marrying a non-Christian. does this mean i am not Christian?

i know the bible says not to be unequally yoked so plesae don't quote me ...

 If you werent in love anymore, why would you still stay married? ?

 I love my husband of 6 years but I hate and am embarrassed by his new job which he loves what should I do?

Additional Details
He's a massage therapist. But that's not what I'm embarrassed about. It's because he currently works at this foo foo spa....

 What do I do? I'm going to lose my wife. If I don't get a hold of my anger.?
My marriage is in jeopardy. The problem isn't my wife. She is awesome. We both love each other greatly. The problem is me. I'm never happy. Always mad. and not just stub your toe mad....

 My husband is a complete ***.?
My husband always tries to manipulate my happiness whenever he doesn't get his way. Last night we had an argument and he said if I didn't do what he wanted,then he wanted me to give away ...

 Why would a man who is about 47 years odl marry a teenage girl.?
What are the reasons why a man three times her age would marry ...

 I have decided to tell my husband about my being unfaithful to him since I've been stationed in Iraq.?
I guess my question now is...should I tell him that I've had 2 different affairs with married men, or should I just lead him to believe I've only done it once ?...

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