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 Would i be good in the marines?
I can beat a lot of military games on the hardest difficulty its not to hard for me i am a good sniper i can allways beat my friends and they all say i should go into the marines....

 What is the down to earth reason the military doesn't want Obama as President?

Additional Details
Under Bush many have died. (For what reason?)...

 Why did allied soldiers in WW1 and WW2 suffer from shellshock, while their german counterparts didn't?
This is puzzling me....

 Do male and female soldiers in the army have much contact with eachother?
I know they'd obviously sleep in different areas but how often do they see eachother? Do some women 'fight on the frontline' too? sorry if I offend anyone Im just curious what womens ...

 Can active duty military members drive on an expired drivers license.?

 It's sort of a war question.?
so let's say you're writing a story
and a character in said story is expressing his views on the war.

i know this sounds a little dumb but:
since it's technically ...

 I want to join the army but i have acne issues. ?
Does this mean i could possibly get medically discharged?...

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