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 If some one told you?
that you would be a bad parent, simply because you believe in Discipline, how would you respond and feel?
Additional Details
We are in a Domestic Discipline marriage where on the very ...

 Do you think this would be cute to do for my husband when he gets home?
Okay, my husband has been really stressed out lately and I know when I get stressed out I like to see cute things like baby animals and stuff. Well, I formed a little 'nest' on our bed ...

 My wife didn't do the dishes last night. How should I punish her?

 Do happily ever afters exist?x?

 I'm with a married guy. With been together for 2 years. Does he love me?

 Would you be suspicious if......?
your partner kept his mobile phone switched off when he was home in the evening?...

 STAY AT HOME MOMS...Do you have this problem?
I am happily married with 2 kids..6 & 8 years.
We are financially able for me to stay home.
I work from home making xtra money by sewing boutique clothing...sometimes 30 hrs. ...

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