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 Can a woman legally be found guilty of raping a man?

 Is it legal for my boss to take 20 out of my wages to cover the cost of a training course i didnt sign up for

 Are you against it or Not?
Against Or Not???

1.Gay Marriage?
4.George Bush?
5.Products etc. Being tested on animals?
6.Drinking? (Constantly)

*Give me your ...

 Which would you rather have....?
Christian based monogamy, and it is christian based despite the Mormans, or poligamy based on secularism or Islam?
Additional Details
I Timothy 3:2...

 When someone breaks in to your house,?
Do you have the right to shoot them? Didn't they set the value of their life at the value of your tv or whatever else they were looking to steal, or do you just run out and hide and call the ...

 Is it illegal to record someones voice?
i was scammed but i recorded her voice.is it illegal to record voice? if so whats the penalty for it?or can i submit the recorded voice to the court ?would it be admisseble to the court?...

 Can he stop me parking outside his restaurant?
I have a pest control van with a big sign on it
REDUCING RATS IN RESTAURANTS the manager gets upset at me parking outside his restaurant but surely I can park wherever I want as long as it is ...

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